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What you can expect

How you and your customers benefit

Professional and affordable

Quality meets fair prices. Our products are designed to bring real benefits to every customer. This makes it easier for you to make recommendations and helps you to convince more people of our products.

No risk

Start without initial investment
With us, you can buy products physically in the partner store and pass them on or market them online via links - without any initial investment. You recommend us - we do the rest.

No pressure

You set your own pace
We give you the freedom to decide when and how you recommend our products. We rely on persuasion, not pressure. That's why we have no minimum order values or minimum sales to meet.

Lifetime customer loyalty

Your customers remain your customers - forever.
We maintain long-term customer relationships and that pays off for you too: even years after the first sale.

Free further training

Grow with us.
We regularly offer free events and exchange rounds so that you can grow not only financially but also personally through your partnership. As always. Everything can, nothing has to.

Personal contact

With us, every partner is V.I.P.
Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about products or the partner program and to give you tips on how you can integrate our products into your business in the best possible way. Whether by phone, email or directly via WhatsApp

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Emilie Strecker

ALPHA-ENERGY products offer excellent value for money and are therefore very well received by my customers.

This means that even more skeptical people have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the effect and ultimately benefit from it.

But it's not just the products that are excellent; you can also feel the love that goes into this company. You are simply not left on your own. Even if I'm not that technically savvy and need help in the store from time to time - that's no problem either. A Whatsapp message is enough and I get help :)

Nicole Weber.jpg__PID:78f14aa6-1032-4ba6-950f-dc8dc1b57956

Nicole Meruana

I am absolutely delighted with the experience I am having with Alpha Energie. In addition to their outstanding products, the company also offers first-class support and advice.

All my questions are always answered promptly and in an extremely friendly manner, and I feel really valued and taken seriously. What also sets Alpha Energie apart, in my view, is the sense of belonging they give their partners.

It's more than just an affiliate program; it feels like a family where everyone is welcome. I highly recommend this company, their products and the affiliate program.

Maria Kittinger.jpg__PID:f9c36fe6-2bf5-4d8d-94b8-8d9e1fd784c7

Maria Kittinger

The range of Alpha Energy products is sensational and they support me in my work every day and make a significant contribution to the long-term success of my work. This in turn means satisfied clients in the long term.

At Alpha Energy, humanity and health are always at the forefront, which is why I am proud to be a part of Alpha Energy, as this team, as well as their products, are a great enrichment for me.


Sigrid Maier

As a therapist, it is important to me to always work holistically. That's why I always try to harmonize body, mind and soul.

The products from ALPHA-ENERGY provide excellent support for my therapy methods, as they greatly increase the vibration in the physical and mental areas, release energy blockages and thus activate the self-healing powers.

Each product is unique in its application and completes my work in a wonderful way.

Alain Rund.jpeg__PID:2bf52d8d-94b8-4d9e-9fd7-84c7299df210

Alain Pünnel

As a partner of Alpha-Energy, you can experience every day how crucial a genuine, appreciative partnership is.

As a therapist, you always look after your clients individually according to their needs.

Alpha-Energy is the ideal partner to support you in this.

Together we can achieve more and help to create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.

Nicole Weber.jpg__PID:78f14aa6-1032-4ba6-950f-dc8dc1b57956

Edeltraud Haischberger

Since my start as one of the first partners of ALPHA-ENERGY, I have achieved impressive success thanks to the outstanding quality of the products, such as the bed plate and the LebensQuell drops.

Many of my former seminar participants are now also enthusiastic partners and keep telling me how valuable these products have become for their work.

Thanks to Alpha Energy, I have been able to help even more people and have also built up a significant passive income.

A big thank you - my business would not be the same without these products!

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