Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate
Activation Plate

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ New premium product

Activation Plate

The all-rounder in the deluxe edition

  • Strong all-rounder for the revitalization of food, water and plants and much more.
  • Handmade in noble look - each piece is unique (wood grain)
  • over 140,000 Bovis units

Scope of delivery: 1x Activation Plate 17x17cm. High quality made of beech wood and metal. Symbolism: ALPHA-ENERGY® (The infinite, universal energy of the universe) incl. description. 


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

"I feel like you can feel the energy of this record just standing next to it. I tested the plate through: Soft high-energy water, the small palm tree that I had almost given up on, has gained new strength in a few days on the plate and caught on after all. In addition, I put it under my fruit basket and the fruit now stays fresh even longer. Really super! 

- Erika Elrich, Germany

Our Energy Card got a big sister:

The ALPHA-ENERGY® Activation Plate 

Food, plants, water and much more. - experience the energy boost in noble optics

After the great success of our food revitalization table set, we have followed the call of our customers and developed a harmonization plate that makes it possible to combine the powerful properties of our table set with the universal areas of application of our Energy Card .

For you, this means: the full power of over 140,000 Bovis units for universal use in the entire household.

In concrete terms: entire fruit baskets, large salad bowls or, for example, an entire loaf of bread become highly energetic in just 30 seconds .

In addition, the Activation Plate is also perfect for harmonizing water jugs or helping battered plants get back on their feet. There are almost no limits to your ideas when using this highly effective Activation Plate .

  • Powerful Activation Plate for universal use in the household
  • 140,000 BE through latest ALPHA-ENERGY® technology
  • Retains its effect permanently
  • Handmade premium quality from Austria - each piece is unique

TOP features

Food revitalization

From an apple to a loaf of bread to a giant fruit basket. Breathe new life into your food in just 30 seconds.

Also suitable as a top addition to Food revitalisation table set . For example, in the middle of the table for a large salad bowl or water jug.

Support plants energetically

Every now and then it happens that a plant in the household visibly needs more attention from you.

Support your green favorites by placing the plant on the Activation Plate during the "convalescent care". It will thank you for it.

Water revitalization Deluxe

High-energy, dextrorotatory water straight from the tap? That's right! - A water jug with up to 2 liters capacity rises to Bovis values of up to 42,000 BE* within only 2 minutes.

*Higher values of over 60,000 BE can be easily achieved with a little longer energizing time. Energizing complete water canisters is also possible, just needs a little more time. 

Premium animation without borders

Apart from the usual applications for the harmonization of food, water and plants, the Activation Plate holds much scope for further applications:

Testers report e.g. ofbetter compatibility and effect of food supplements, which were enlivened with the plate.

Also spices, and herbs profit from the direct enlivenment of the plate and thus their entire organism.

In addition, a longer shelf life of fruit and vegetables is often reported.

OUR TIP: Prepared sauces can become even tastier by the enlivenment. Wine also gets a rounder note through the application.

Questions and answers:

No, your Energy Card remains a valuable companion and its practical dimensions offer the possibility to carry it with you all the time. On the one hand, it fits practically in your pocket and has a harmonizing effect on the organism from there, on the other hand, you can harmonize food and drinks at any time, even when you are on the road.

However, the new Activation Plate brings some advantages for harmonization in the household. Due to the higher energy of well over 140,000 Bovis units, the harmonization process now goes even faster and reaches higher maximum values depending on the duration of the application. This brings, for example, in the harmonization of plants, whole fruit baskets or whole water jugs, etc. significant advantages.